. In flight, the weapons were supposed to be unprimed. The way I always understood it, the proper phrasing was "load and lock", meaning, "load your garand, and lock the safety". Regardless of its exact origin, the phrase has come to relate to any activity in which preparations have to be made for an immediate action. . Lock and Load is the order. Cruise ship rescues 24 people from boat off Florida coast. meaning to retract the op-rod . ENGAGE the safety (thereby "locking") . "Happy Hunting", was the farewell jumping out of the hold. We have expanded the publishing line now to include novels to go along with our game series in … then "load" the clip of ammo. Of course, I can't cite any sources for that . While many people falsely attribute "lock and load" to the Garand, the M2 machine gun (and "lock and load") predates the Garand by … which is at odds with what I believe to be the origin. If you do not lock the bolt latch release before loading, the bolt is captured to the rear by the bolt latch, as for single shot operation, and does not actually load a round. (US, slang) A command to prepare a weapon for battle. . The first rounds would be ***** into their chambers and the safety levers switched off on the M-16s. . How Lock-N-Load ® Works The Hornady ® Lock-N-Load ® System is as Easy as 1-2-3 Insert the Lock-N-Load ® die bushing into the press bushing and lock it into place with a twist. S (Terminate on Sight) or Lock and Load, an album by G-Unit Lock & Load, an album by Leslie Fish "Lock and Load", a song by Bob Seger from It's a Mystery Lock n' Load..what does it really mean? The six locking lugs on the die and press bushings will hold it securely in position. The term "lock and load" is often seen in war movies, especially in scenes with firearms, where a sergeant gives the command to "lock and load" to the troops under him.So what does this phrase mean and what is the origin of it? "Lock and Load" The origin of the phrase "lock and load" is not entirely clear, as there are two similar, yet distinct, explanations for its origin. Lock 'n Load Publishing has published over eighty products, including our fan favorites Nations at War Series, World at War 85 Series, and Lock 'n Load Tactical series. . Lock and Loaded is to confirm. Mostly that "Load and Lock" is the proper phrase not lock and load. What does lock-and-load mean? . krkalaf Mar 21, 2011. . My belief is that the recruit was instructed to "lock and load" . Angus Laidlaw has penned an article on page 47 about the origin of the term "Lock and Load" . The line "load and lock" was purportedly delivered by John Wayne during a WWII movie as "lock and load", and it stuck since. . (interjection) City to RNC after canceled GOP convention: Pay up . Insert your standard die with 7/8"-14 threads into the Lock-N-Load ® bushing. Ok Guys(and Gals), I am in the business and have heard a lot of theories(all good) about where the phrase came from. The command "lock and load" means to prepare the firearm for firing and put it in condition 1 (i.e.)