If food supplies are more consistent, the arrival and departure of flying-foxes may be more predictable. Flying foxes make the mos… They are commonly known as fruit bats, but their diet is predominately nectar, pollen, and fruit — in that order. Alas Kedaton Flying Foxes. Tips for living near flying-foxes Health concerns. They can move from one camp to another and back again over a few days. Level 13, 400 George Street Click here to find out more about what it's like being a wildlife carer! The situation is compounded when this is a female with a pup on board. Brisbane QLD 4000 Among many other fascinating animals, Australia is home to four species of Flying Foxes (Pteropus Poliocephalus, commonly called “fruit bats”): The Little Red, the Grey Headed -, the Black – and the Spectacled Flying Foxes. (03) 9637 9504, Hon. They occupy a broad range of habitats found in northern and eastern Australia including Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. But you can help end this preventable cruelty. All camps tend to be self-organised, only supporting as many animals as the local food supply can support. There are 3 species of flying-fox native to NSW. The bad news is that many other retailers continue to sell netting that is unsafe for wildlife. Flying-foxes are increasingly moving into urban areas. They are commonly known as fruit bats or flying foxes, among other colloquial names. // -->. In much of their range, red foxes, being the largest true foxes in the world, dominate other fox species. Lyle’s Flying Fox (Pteropus lylei) are found in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Living near a flying-fox camp can be difficult for many people and there are some strategies that may help. The black flying-fox (Pteropus alecto) is almost completely black in colour with only a slight rusty red-coloured collar and a light frosting of silvery grey on its belly. These senses enable them to find their way around and to find their food during the night – especially pale coloured fruit and flowers. (02) 8574 6107, The Hon. You may hear flying-foxes feeding noisily in your garden. They are also listed as Vulnerable to extinction under the federal government's Ecological Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and several state wildlife protection laws. ACN 617 08 0387. Australia needs state-by-state regulations to stop the installation of wildlife-unsafe netting on backyard fruit trees. When environmental conditions are right, food supplies may suddenly become abundant in certain areas. Little reds will often fly much further inland than other flying-foxes. Flying foxes live together in large colonies and fly out every night in search of food. This has resulted in flying-foxes increasingly establishing new roost sites in urban areas and foraging for food in urban backyards and orchards. Queensland Health advises that there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission of Hendra virus. Little-red flying-foxes are the most widespread species of megabat in Australia. As flying-foxes move across their range, they can use short stop-overs to rest and forage before moving to their destination camp. b = b.substr(0,b.indexOf('? There Are Several Dozen Species of Flying Foxes. writeAddrAuto('vaucluse','parliament.nsw.gov.au',""); A range of management options are used depending on the site. This may be a response to changing environmental conditions such as the loss of previous camps and foraging areas due to clearing for housing, agriculture or forestry. Please email, write or phone the state government representatives below to express your opposition to the shooting of flying foxes. // -->. Your latest headlines from the King Power Stadium where, fresh from a 2-2 draw with Manchester United, the high-flying Foxes are just days away from being able to do business again There are 62 species of flying foxes. GPO Box 5341, Sydney NSW 2001 Even after most of the animals have moved elsewhere, a few animals will stay. Flying foxes can be found nesting in trees in forests and woodlands or in caves. (07) 3719 7330