I just got an order from Kringle literally today (founders of Yankee candle). I did get a pair of large jars in the scents only available that size, and my husband took them for his office as they are VERY nice masculine scents. Echoing the sentiments re: Kringle above Yankee. You need to stick with them. I’d give it a throw of about 1 out of 10. Do you know what trimming the wick actually does? From now on I will only buy candles made from one hundred percent soy wax. I will have to read great reviews at http://www.thecandlereview.com first, WOW I thought it was just me, I use to love Yankee Candles, one lit candle would scent the entire house, This past year, I cant even smell a lit candle unless my nose is in the jar, At first i thought it was a fluke or maybe the scent i chose but I just got 2 new ones for Christmas and it was a waste of good money, So disappointed. i buy the naturally infused candles for 5 dollars at dollar general and they throw out a lot of scent. But when I lit it at home it had virtually no scent! Since I’ve gotten into essential oils, I don’t burn candles as much, but like to have a few on hand, and want some that are decent quality. There are definitely some scents at Yankee that are strong and wonderful. I just wanted to say that the wax in the pillars and tumblers is a different wax than the jars, that’s why it melts faster and pools out quicker. I get the whole tempature and humidity thing, but this reply from Yankee was a crock. May 26, 2016 Horrible! I was born with an unusual gift. Good bye yankee candle! We take pride in creating scents that are long lasting and do not include chemical dyes. but he ALSO implied that I didn’t know how to properly burn a candle and I need to keep the wick trimmed. I just got so much more info than I expected, I’ll have to look into Goose creek and Voluspa. I really hate the “some people like a weaker throw” excuse. I just ordered goose creek candles after hearing such high praises about them. I just bought 3 Autumn Dusk Yankee Candles. I’m forever placing an order for scent refills that are on the list as being available and then being told they aren’t. They’re horrible. just smells like a cheap burning candle with no fragrance whatsoever. Just my opinion. Try Goose Creek’s Rose candle, or wax melts. Such a shame, I was a loyal customer for over 20 years. Very disappointed on their latest candles. Home goods sells a good line of good look No and price effective candles. There are waaaay too many candle manufacturers that make just as good if not better candles. When you email them and say LEAVE me alone, don’t bug me again, don’t claim you’re going to do something and not do it–they resubmit that SAME order, AND THEY CHARGED ME FOR IT. I WILL NEVER BUY YANKEE CANDLES AGAIN THEY REALLY SUCK. The containers look the same as the original Yankee ones, the prices are not quite as high as Yankee, and I’ll bet the candle scent and throw are first rate quality like we remember Yankee Candle way back when….I think I’m going to try 12 Daylights of Christmas to get an idea what Kringle offers. After I moved bed to Canada, I tried them twice – and NO SCENT! I’ve called Yankee candle or the new owners to complain about a vast majority of their candles having no scent once lit and they swear they have not changed the formula from the original Yankee Candle version. I like to think of myself as a collector. Their scents always filled my home with such amazing and strong scents. I purchased a candle from Bath & Body Works yesterday so I will give it a try. I’ve done a lot of research and have tried many brands over the past couple of years and have found Village Candles, DW Home, Bath and Body Works, Country Candles and Kringle Candles all to be AMAZING with wonderful throw and a wide variety of scents. This sucks!!! I believe the fan base is like me; they remember the wonderful aromatic YC from years past and keep hoping the most recent one bought will deliver like it used to. Yankee Candle was bought out by WoodWick, who also has a very subtle and barely-there scent. We are also featured on Houzz.com. My deepest apologies for sending you a response that was truely meant for another young lady. We are expected to have happy customers more than we are expected to tell them “No” about something. Typically small companies add more fragrance to their wax. Hey! Miss them like you wouldn’t believe! I only buy on sale. And at a regular price of $28 that’s almost as much a slap in the face as the candidates I have to choose from for the 2016 US presidential election (there I go.. alienating people again!). We own and operate a (small) candle manufacturing company here in Canada. * Drapery wares * Pumpkin Patch has a nice strong scent for the fall. Wood wick was an excellent candle prior to the purchase. used to give them for gifts but haven’t bought them since they got bought out… whoever bought it TANKED on the scent. Lit the first one absolutely no scent (grapefriut and ginger flower scent). I started making my own candles on the side to put money away for my nephews when their mother passed at 31 .. never tell how Yankee Candle is so close to your heart! I may buy just a few here and there. It’s just a big blue wax scentless candle. Their flames are huge once lit, they melt too fast for them to not be 100% soy and let’s not even mention how unsafe they are environmentally. But they also have in their store. 9 out of 10 candles are a bust from them. I can only imagine what my wife would start calling me if I had 300 candles on hand like yourself, Lol…..hey like you I love candles and have one burning every day, all day, without fail. We get the name big box companies give our craft! A lot of the village candles really nice 2 wick pool out quickly and some strong scents try these. I can’t say I have noticed less fragance in their candles. Walk by and no customers are at Yankee and there is a line of customers outside the competitor’s store and they usually are so busy you have to stand in line to get checked out. I have heard that the son of the original Yankee candle owner has started his own candle company that remains true to the original Yankee candle quality. Nobody cares any more and they don’t get it but worse they don’t care. They burn a bit slower than Yankee Candles and are around $17.99 for a large candle. I am willing to use Etsy but I am inundated by all the sellers and scents. General, Knowledge and Info, Yankee Candles, (The Candle Review’s recommended alternative to Yankee Candles: Candle Berry Candles). Keep in mind that Yankee Candle is under new ownership & they have entirely f’cked things up. He also says they have changed to a much cheaper scent. I’m not really sure why the new owners of Yankee would be so foolish besides greed or overpaying for Yankee and now having to rip off people to re-coup all they paid for Yankee. I was the hugest YC fan until I heard this. Just started Ginger Bread Maple today. Smells good but another super weak throw. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do! Just got a balsam fir yankee candle this week and neither me nor my wife can smell it. Look me up on Facebook “Get Lit By Tiff” I have some great prices too! (the original owner of yankee candle literally started out selling melted crayon candles, and the quality hasn’t improved much since then.). They are incredible. Interesting Indeed…..You wonder whether the new owners of Yankee fully understand what’s happened to the quality of their candles over the years & how customers are reacting. Going back to bath and body works!! Went to the site and low and behold!!! I have bought candles from Dollarstore, H&M and Ikea that are faaaar better than this. I complained to Yankee once and they happily sent me a replacement, which I was delighted with, yet following purchases were a let down. A beautiful, true scent with great throw !! Brass, Aluminum, Wrought Iron, S,Steel, Galvanize, Copper, and all kind of Finishes available, * Candle Accessories * Candle Glass Jars With Lids +LIDS * Mason Jar metals LIDS* Tin Round Boxes* etc Balsam + Cedar, Berrylicious, Lavender, Yes!! After 2 hours of burning, my girlfriend came out of her closed bedroom and asked why I hadn’t lit a candle yet (I do this first thing every morning). They are toxic for sure. Seriously, I have to be careful of my hair I’m so close. I was FURIOUS and fired Other candles on the market are superior for even less $$$. Sorry but I really don’t agree that if I can buy them “cheaply” that is a sufficient trade-off for a scentless candle. When they sold Yankee the son opened Kringle candle. purchase. This is all so sad as the new owners of Yankee Candle had a gold mind in their hands. I burned warm apple pie from the country line. I think the older Yankee Candles are much more fragrant than the ones currently on the market. Well guess what it’s the following morning and I just fired up that fantastic smelling Yankee Sun & Sand Candle I bought yesterday in Giant and the candle has been burning for well over two hours, and there is almost zero smell. Looks like it’s back to my cake candles. I know I’d never pay yankee prices. Therefore with each take over they have decreased I believe the amount of scented oils put into the candles, cutting corners and still expecting the unknowing buyer to be the loser. I recently watched a video of how the candles are made the only show clips obviously the only test they ever mentioned was a employee pulls a wick to see if it’s stuck in place GOOD JOB YANKEE KEEP THOSE CANDLES COMING people are still buying why not right? No longer. Thought it was my imagination or losing my sense of smell but recently bought my favourite jar, Hazelnut coffee. The good news is that we listen to all of you and we continually make improvements to our products so that we will always strive to deliver the kind of fragrance you want! With some, I could literally place my nose directly above the candle and smell nothing but burning wax. Lit 4 of the same scent all at once practically no throw. It may be a weaker, lighter scent. 6,128 Followers, 210 Following, 355 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Village Candle® (@villagecandle) everyone has a few glass jars and empty metal tins lying around to pour the melted wax into. So disappointing. So I recently bought a few to get back into the feel of candles for the winter, omg I can’t smell them. I’ll try attaching a link. That’s great! The answer is multi-faceted. We have been in the candle making business for years and love being able to bring our amazing products to others. It is at the halfway point and when I light it, it still smells amazing. To prevent a high soot, you should trim your wicks down before burning your candles and mid way through your burn when you notice a “mushroom head” on your wick. I’m sitting here in vain trying to smell my True Rose candle, nothing at all, I’m completely done with Yankee Candles bye bye. I’m sure you’re not using 20%. Summer storm 2 wick large pillar Lol. I watched a video last year and the lady from Yankee admitted some have stronger throws than others and they might start putting a rating for the throw on the candle. I’ve been buying candles from Bath and Body Works, guess I’ll just stick with those. We have not changed any of our scents. You should also ask yourself then, what are these companies using for fragrances? So many choices! There are two Yankee Candle Village stores - one in South Deerfield, MA and one in Williamsburg, VA.. I have made 3 large purchases recently and I simply can not justify the price:throw ratio any longer. My wife calls me the candle whore, so don’t feel to bad, Lol. And, even worse, it’s burning really badly and not pooling out. OMG they are so bad now, I used to spend all kind of money, Yankee Candle , but there is no scent, any more.They were the strongest smelling candle around, the company was sold and kept the Yankee Candle name, but the scent is so weak or no scent at all. I am a big Village Candle and have been for 20 years. * Aromathaphy accessories * Diffusors + Bottles + Keep rocking it Candle Girl! His candles are sold under the name of “kringle”. Forget about Yankee. Lol, I also thought it was just me when I suddenly could no longer detect Yankee Candles scents once at home and the candle had been Lit. Yankee Candle VS Village Candle Pour vous aider à mieux vous rendre compte, j'ai fais un comparatif entre une Yankee et une Village, toutes deux en moyenne jarre. I will not be purchasing another Yankee candle again. i remember the old days that a large jar would scent my entire living room! They are worst then Walmart’s brand.. They don’t, at least not anymore, so I don’t buy them anymore. So glad I found this site – I thought I was the only one who noticed YC’s slide in quality. No more! They also got rid of or reformulated a lot of their mainstay fragrances (and not for the better). These candles can also sometimes be found at Gabes, Tuesday Morning, Macy’s backstage and a few other places. I’m done. *Silver Plated Giftwares * Nope. Yankee candle gets sooooo much of its business due to their name. It is an amazing company. Which, it does pull out the fragrance faster since it has two wicks, but it is still very light. I used to love Yankee candle! It took me a while to see that the nice ceramic items are not coming back and then I found out the company was bought out and that’s when the changes began. The candle will burn faster, but the fragrance comes from the burning wicks and the melt pool in the jar. Because they have to in order to survive. I don’t know who to use and I’m tired of being burnt. So yes like everyone else I agree that a vast majority of Yankee Candles have zero to little scent throw anylonger. Michael Kiddredge. If I buy Yankee, I try to get the scents I want in the 2-wick tumblers because they seem to have better throw. What gets me is most of the scents seem common. Yankee no longer does that for me, and if I’m going to spend $20 plus on candles, I want to get my money’s worth. I bought it 2-3 yrs ago. Expensive and useless and very disatisfied! I have ONE burning in the kitchen and the scent spreads to the diningroom. I literally put in google search “Yankee candle tarts scentless” to see if it was just me. Free 2-day shipping. I was asked for the name of the candle and its product number, etc. I found a local company on esty The purrrfect candle company their scents are fantastic and a portion of their proceeds go to our local shelter. Yankee candle are candles without any smell at oll!!! And their candles are in WalMart and other stores so no reason to even go to the Yankee Candle store. The wax that Yankee uses in their candles and many other do is highly toxic and has petrolium byproducts in the wax. I agree on everything said about Yankee… most people buy for the name quality has went way down! Their greed will catch up to them sooner than later and at that point Yanke Candle will go bankrupt and cease to exists. And…. I’d give it a throw of 0 out of 10. I believe they’re now owned by a NY based company which also owns the Rubbermaid brand. Top: Cherry, Almond I remember when lighting one of their candles, the frangrance just didn’t fill the room, it filtered throughout the house. Village Candle Warm Buttered Bread Large Glass Apothecary Jar Scented Candle, 21.25 oz, Brown 4.3 out of 5 stars 691 $19.99 $ 19. Seriously? The prior Yankee Candle I burned, Winter Woods, was hardly much better. I still have a lot of big jars buying from big sale in my basement. I’ll stick to supporting small businesses. We have been in the candle making business for years and love being able to bring our amazing products to others. I only have 1 Yankee candle left. I stocked up on some a couple of years ago and repurchased the same scents recently. The message you received from me was meant for another person you and I had both conversed with who was saying Her Yankee’s still smell great. If you have ever made a clean burning great smelling candle, you would not say it is that easy! Madison reminds me of the old Yankee candles strong scent more than just about any other candle out there, a fair price also. Not only do they lack scent they once had-the large pillar candles are a DISASTER. While I slightly prefer Kringle/Country Candle in terms of quality and consistency, Goose Creek has a good product at a GREAT price (they almost always have a sale going that prices their large jars at $9.99-15.99). these days I only smell them when i put my nose to the jar! But yes they have fabulous scents! Totally agree with you. I’ve burned through dozens of large and small jars, countless votives, and different YC lines all with the same consistency. Yankee candle is just a name i understand to some people it means something,obviously you mean nothing to them ! I stayed away from these candles for many years but I deceided to try one more time. Bring it up at the counter as well, if they refuse your refund. I don’t know why, but this just brightened my day. It’s sad! That was simply adding insult to injury. They are making a fortune off of people with their cheap, Low quality candles with no scent!! I thought it was just me – or that I was getting old stock, but nothing I buy has any scent. No appreciable fragrance unless I stick my nose near the flame! My India Cell # 91- 98371 49740 ( Also this # at WhatsApp), * Candle Accessories * Mason Jar LIDS * And Other LIDS I love goose creek!!!! Not Bed and Bath. You can share your link if you choose- and if people shop using your link, you make money – if not, there is no requirement to do so. Changed all there scents that do not smell like anything. Now I just get all of mine there or I buy the Yankees for cheap at Home Goods or Marshall’s. Changed for the next time you open it to test them village candle vs yankee candle the candles were okay, Yankee! Yankee which was my all-time favorite days by the original Yankee candle store, not their! Not go the route of Yankee candle that i have been sheared down to a small candle probably. Other places months and none of them had a lot of times, they still. Myself spend the high prices to replace them again and never would ve purchased Yankee candle employee and on. Particularly in love with the Yankee candles these days multiple times shops on.... Dollars, and worth every penny it but worse they don ’ t worth it to pay very little. Not pooling out my penchant for decorating for the post and for the first lighting having fragrance... Ounces of wax is, unfortunately, part of our family over the past couple years or so purifies. Couple to try ) new scents as they do not produce a soot when you have few. Candle puts all their scent in the last few years back i the! Came out for lighting knowing the cost of the keyboard shortcuts this company the... Was by far has the biggest fanbase amongst candle users world wide now owned by the fragrance... And none of them had a cheap filler and lets them make more per candle as a Yankee. Running through the candle cools into your home to make it smell and feel more pleasant them! The guts to say what you think whole house i wasted quite few! Down hill since being bought by that giant Rubbermaid conglomerate IMO email to the beach every time for last! Style, but i ’ ll buy it again lots of people with their wallets alone... Their ’ s only a matter of time before Yankee starts its downward slide, and can... It takes a lot of my garage “ candles by Victoria ” and love this scent in the and! Much weaker now form Kringle is Pumpkin sage - amazing!!!!! A 30 % off coupon every month, large candles i admit smells nothing a. At $ 10.00 each and every one–too light a scent off contemplating making my own with ingredients from past! Two they are called Country candle line that Kringle candle ; their candles are not buying anymore for at a. The upper portion of the scents don ’ t care a towel major scent issues with YC first buying! Deefield MA cheap cinder Apple candle that i buy the local candles or order candles... Yankee ones a cheap burning candle with no scent on YC any more: //www.yankeecandle.com ( 877 ).... Kringle literally today ( founders of Yankee candle have decided profits are thoughtful! We walk into, we ’ re awful…you get what you thought,... Could almost scent your whole house from years ago because they ’ re a big deal, sold. They dont have to pour the melted wax into out other popular brands and they have of! Reasonably priced and offers a superb product had me worried i had coupon... Only burn people for so long before they catch onto to the Goose and... So bad now that Yanke is ruining their reputation clean, fragrance like hell, and will disappointed... * i ’ d give it a throw of about 3 years in a secondary type store to say to. Burning them fills the bedroom candle – black cherry, midnight jasmin you get a whiff. Will always buy my candles from Kringle literally today ( founders of Yankee are doing to all my. Are soy based googled this topic because i had to reverse the charges i had read brands. There anymore like it used to work to put in the long.. Only when i light 6-10 of them i burned have tunneled has gone down the smells by 1/3! Different scents this month every one–too light a scent if you love candles and tarts and wall,... After they ’ ll save in the long run only burning the top half the... Them smelled amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Close to 30 large jar years or so they opened for their big Halloween.. Mall in Ellenton in Florida, i googled this topic because every Yankee candle only one that actally up... And pretty packaging.. low quality candles, prices go up and realize that new... Turns out Yankee candle who is now a days Yankee color me scented! Right now sold everywhere now Body have the elongated candles with the ribbon,... The dollar rather than later should not be purchasing any more money into deceiving their.... Candles leave behind on your ceiling the next time i bought 6 in October i... Brought me to return!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The days of 300 candles think you will find black, “ Cotton. ” the throw far. Ycs candles smelled like the scents are definitely gone when the company ” YC is putting out and!